An open portico, a terrace near the living room, or part of a balcony: these are all situations that allow the possibility to realize a veranda, with a wooden or metal structure, and with opening or fixed fixtures.

But it’s useful to know that the veranda is, by an urban sense, an augmentation of the volume of the house and a modification of the external façade. So, before its realization, you have to address to a qualified operator that, due to the municipal Regulator Plan and to the Building Regulation, will decide, if it’s a mono-familiar building, if there is the possibility to do the operation itself and, eventually, if it is necessary to have a special permission to realize it. Instead, if it’s a condominium, it will need, as well as the municipal authorization, the consent of the assembly of the condominium.

Let’s see which are the different requirement needed, depending on the case. If you want to realize a gazebo, a structure build with only the coverage, and opened on three sides at least, this will not create neither new volume, nor an augmentation of the surface usable, so (unless the existence of different dispositions of the local regulation) it is sufficient to show a report of the starting of operations, because it is an intervention of extraordinary maintenance; passed 30 days from the presentation of that report, if there are no municipal observation, it is possible to proceed with the execution of works.

Instead, in the case of a closed veranda, there is an augmentation of the volume, so it is necessary to ask a specific permission to build if the increase of volume respect the limits imposed by urban laws. Before the starting of works, in this case, you have to wait for the authorization from the building committee.

The same procedure it’s needed for the closure of a balcony; moreover, there is a considerable modification of the façade, so the opportunity to build a veranda is a thing that have to be valued very carefully.

Finally, we bring up that if it is a listed building, due to its particular architectural or environmental value, it will also need a favorable approval from the superintendence of the respective competence.